About Shaun

Shaun is a clear thinker and a compassionate leader, an excellent representative of the generation that needs to be at the table where decisions are made.

Shaun Trainor has always been passionate about politics. Since 2012 they have been active in Green politics and policy making. They are passionate about the implementation of a Guaranteed Liveable Income, lowering the voting age, and a climate justice approach. Shaun is committed to ensuring a more accessible, just and sustainable world for all.

They completed a Bachelor’s degree in Human Rights at Malmö University before moving to the United Kingdom to undertake a MSc in Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University and a MSc Psychology at the University of Stirling. During their studies and since returning to Nova Scotia they have been very active in their community through a number of organisations. A few of those include Cinema Politica, FridaysForFuture, One Resilient Earth, Living Earth Council, Truro Homeless Outreach Society, Truro Farmers Market Cooperative and the Nova Scotia Environment Network.